Terms of Service

When working with Mediterranean Dream Weddings, please be advised of the following “Terms of Service”.

Once you have had a chance to get to know us, and have decided planning your wedding event, honeymoon, vows renewal, or anniversary trip, simply let us know! The first step will be to send to you a short Questionnaire that will let us to better know your needs; afterwards, we make a first free online appointment in order to deepen your needs and requirements.

After knowing your needs and special requirements through the questionnaire and eventually through our first free online appointment, we can start designing, creating and organizing your event in closely collaboration with you and customizing a wide range of services highlighted from the information provided.

In order to proceed with this second step we require a “PLAN TO GO DEPOSIT” which ranges from 300€ to 600€. This deposit will later be deducted from your Mediterranean Dream Weddings Planning and Booking Fee (see below).

Planning and booking fees are based on the destination and length of trip and on the kind of services required. Should you choose to work with Mediterranean Dream Weddings, and then later cancel your trip or choose not to work with Mediterranean Dream Weddings for any reason, the “PLAN TO GO DEPOSIT” will be forfeited.

The “Wedding Planning Booking Fee” will vary according to the number of services and the vendors involved. This fee will let us to book all the services required to carry out your event and entitles to a wide range of specialized benefits. We will establish the “Wedding Planning Booking Fee” when you have comfortably decided on your ideal plan then we require the deposit of such fee and after this we will start reserving all services.

Please note, some services – as Town Hall Tax – are subject to availability at the moment of booking, and only a few days verbal prebooking is possible; then the sooner we receive the deposit the sooner we book the venue and in case of cancellation of date mostly of times no refund are due. Please also note “Wedding Planning Booking Fee” for destination events will vary by case. Please contact us directly to obtain an estimate for your individual situation.

After your event have been completely designed and services booked we require the deposit of the total amount of the event at the dates agreed with the vendors involved and in any case NOT later 60 days prior the event date. Please note, once services have been booked and next to the date of event no refunds are due.

Mediterranean Dream Weddings highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance. Travel insurance helps protect your investment in your honeymoon, wedding , renewal vows or anniversary trip in the event of illness in your family, loss of job prior to travel, sickness / injury while traveling, financial default of a travel service provider, or delays in your transportation. If you are renting a car during your trip, the cost of collision/loss damage insurance normally offered by rental car companies is also covered.

To obtain the best coverage, it is important to purchase your travel insurance within 7 days of making your initial travel arrangements (preexisting health condition limitations are waived if purchased early in the process).

upon agreeing to work with Mediterranean Dream Weddings, prior to your event development.
after your individual event has been developed, approved by you.
according with the vendors and service providers conditions. Not later than 60 days prior to the event date.

depending on the type of event you are taking, other deposits may be required at specific times. We will inform you prior to travel and during the development of event when charges arise. 
Prepayment for some hotels and other services (such as sightseeing tours) is common throughout the travel industry. Some properties will request payment be made to Mediterranean Dream Weddings, and Mediterranean Dream Weddings then remit to them directly. Mediterranean Dream Weddings can accept your credit card for such prepayments of hotels and other major items, although an additional 3% fee is charged to cover the cost of transaction processing. There is an additional charge of 15€ if you choose to pay via personal check. Mediterranean Dream Weddings reserves the right to request prepayment for very large charges solely via check or wire transfer. Mediterranean Dream Weddings will notify you of any payments required before they are due.

Mediterranean Dream Weddings primarily accepts wire transfer as well as PayPal, and other electronic payments that we can verify before making a payment. Visa, MasterCard, American Express payments are admitted. Personal Checks are NOT accepted as form of payments by any means.

The “PLAN TO GO” deposit is nonrefundable but may be transferable to a future event if valid grounds are provided. 
The “Wedding Planning Booking Fee” deposit will be refundable in those cases where the reservation of services and/or venues are foreseen; in some cases it can be transferable to a future event. Will be our pleasure to inform you which cases are refundable, transferable or nonrefundable.
If you chose not to proceed with a booked event, or if significant service issues arise, refunds on other planning fee components will be provided by the same method by which you paid and will be charged to the customer.

Mediterranean Dream Weddings purchases transportation, hotel accommodations, restaurant services, and other services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. Mediterranean Dream Weddings cannot, therefore, be held liable for any personal injury or property damage that may occur due to (1) a wrongful, negligent, or arbitrary act by others not under the direct control of Mediterranean Dream Weddings, or (2) defects in or failures of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle, or other means of transportation not under its control.
In addition, it is the client’s responsibility to meet all necessary travel requirements prior to departure, including but not limited to obtaining passports and entry visas. Your Relationship Manager, however, can provide general advice and pointers in this area if requested.