Renewal Vows

Renewal Vows started to gain popularity in the fifties when couples who had married at a young age on a tight, no-frills budget wanted to commemorate their union in later years in a more remarkable way.

Nowadays, renewal vows are a reaffirmation of the commitment that you made to each other when you first got married. They can take place at any time in your married life. Often, Renewal Vows are held to commemorate a milestone anniversary, or because the couple has overcome a major obstacle or event that both have endured, and which has made the relationship stronger as a result.

Whatever the reason, you deserve to celebrate your love for each other either with a grand party with many guests or a small, intimate ceremony with just you and your partner.

At Mediterranean Dream Weddings we will assist you in finding the best venue and designing the perfect ceremony for your “Marry Me Again” day!