Religious Weddings

Religious ceremonies are weddings performed in observance of the texts and rituals of a particular religious faith, usually the one to which the couple belongs. Most of the weddings celebrated in Italy are Roman Catholic rites as Catholicism is the primary religion in the country.
Nevertheless, many other kinds of religious ceremonies are possible as long as a house of worship is available, and the ceremony complies with religious precepts and is held in the presence of a religious official entitled to perform the ceremony.

The services of a wedding planner will include advice about the best location and finding a clergyman to celebrate the wedding of your faith.

The Italian government has also established an agreement with the seven main religions of the country, authorizing the clergy to celebrate religious weddings that have legal validity (Civil Weddings). In this case the couple needs to comply with both procedures: the legal paperwork for Civil Weddings as well as the requirements of the religious ceremony.

The religions that have reached an agreement to perform civil weddings are the following: the Roman Catholic Church, the Jewish Community, the Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Assembly of God of Italy (ADI) , the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Waldensian Protestant Church and the Baptist Union.

Religious ceremonies for other faiths can be performed in accordance with their customs and traditions, but will not have legal standing in Italy unless followed by a Civil Wedding.