Civil Weddings

A Civil Marriage is a marriage performed, recorded and recognised by a government official. Such a marriage may be performed by a religious body (celebrated in a house of worship with a double ritual: religious and civil) and recognised by the state, or it may be entirely secular (celebrated in beautiful and historic City or Town Halls).

The first advantage of a Civil Wedding celebrated in Italy is that the wedding certificate issued by the City or Town Hall will have legal validity in your country of origin, such as in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, throughout the European Union and likely all the countries which have entered into bilateral agreements with the Italian Government.

Because the agreements stipulated with each country differ from one another, so do the laws and procedures to be followed, though our wedding planners will guide you step-by-step through the entire process and will take care of booking the date at the City or Town Hall as well as assist you in preparing the necessary paperwork.

For further and more detailed information, please read the section “Paperwork” in order to better understand the whole process.

Our commitment as wedding planners is to fully assist you and to verify with local authorities that the documents provided (within the expiration dates) are all in order, then we will proceed with booking the date and venue, which is usually a historic City or Town Hall or a museum setting.